Why We Exist?


Since 1997 we’ve been helping others improve their life in the self help niche.

In early 2012 we realized we could use what we’ve learned over the last 15 years to help even more people in many different niches.

That’s when DedicatedEmails.com was born.

We’re committed to proving to helping you live better through receiving better information.

Sharing great information and valuable products and services from our partners is what we’ll be delivering to you.

- Kent Clothier
I’ve done a lot of lead generation in my career, though I was incredibly surprised by how well DedicatedEmails’ opt-in advertising program did for me.

I purchased $10,000 worth of leads and I’m in profit already and now I’m going to at least double my next purchase.

If you’re serious about bringing in a constant flow of qualified leads, then I suggest looking into their solution.”

– Brian Moran

“Hey guys it is Brian Moran from Get10000Fans.com and I just wanted to let you guys know, if you are thinking about using DedicatedEmails.com for any of your email drops or just generating traffic definitely do it! It is a no brainer. I was a little bit worried at first. I wasn’t sure if it was going to ROI but we actually ROI’ed our second day in – we basically gave Brian and Mike free access to use our credit card whenever they want!”

- Dave Van Hoose and Dustin Mathews
“Hey Friends, it is Dave and Dustin over at speakingempire.com. DedicatedEmails.com just came to our office – Brian and Mike Litman. I’m here to share with you – they have exploded our database… Within an hour of working with them they are already generating and growing leads right into our database”

- Brian Moran
“Hey Guys, It is Brian from Get10000fans.com If you are thinking about using the Opt-In advertising from DedicatedEmails.com, definitely do it!We got like a 180 opt-ins from day one. The thing is not slowing down. We are getting a ton of new names into our list and they are converting into sales pretty heavily”

- Mary Ellen Tribby
“Over the last 10+ years i’ve bought millions of dollars of media for the different businesses I’ve been associated with. What impresses me so much about DedicatedEmails.com is they really care about their clients and they understand the power of what email marketing can offer your business. I highly recommend you connect with them for email media buying needs.”

- Nathan Jurewicz
“If you’re looking to grow your list and your profits faster, you want to have DedicatedEmails.com on your team.”

- Frank Mangano, Author, Researcher and Entrepreneur
“I run many lists in the self help/wealth building industry and i’m always looking for ways to better server and monetize my lists. In our first month working with DedicatedEmails.com we created a brand new profitable income stream. DedicatedEmails.com understands our goals and is a pleasure to work with. If you have an email list you’re looking to better monetize, I highly suggest connecting with them.”

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